Mother’s Day was a success. I visited one of my favorite little towns out in Florida; New Smyrna Beach. Since this is the closest beach to me, this small American town has managed to keep me sane for the last couple of months in Orlando. When I decided to go one day and explore on my own, I found a bunch of nice authentic places to eat and shop. One of my favorite coffee shops/restaurants to enjoy a nice brunch is called Third Wave Café. The first time I went I sat upstairs overlooking the boulevard and ordered an Iced Coffee with fruit. Since I enjoyed… View Post


I recently took a trip to Los Angeles. At first I was not convinced I’d like it, it reminded me much of back home in Miami. It’s a very busy city, with many busy people on the go. But after having spent four days there, I began to fall more and more in love with it. I spent one day in Santa Monica and Venice, and to be completely honest I think that did it. Growing up only minutes from the beach, I loved the vibe I got at Santa Monica and Venice. I was also given a very beautiful night tour by one of my… View Post


My trip to San Francisco was my all time favorite. I’ve never been to a city I enjoyed more than the city of San Francisco. Last year I took two trips to the bay, and on the first visit I absolutely fell in love with it from the start. Stepping foot into the airport I already knew I was going to love it. I loved the one-hour drive through the mountains on a chilly day to my friends apartment in Colma. The best part of visiting San Francisco the first time was being able to see things as a resident of the city, not as… View Post