I recently took a trip to Los Angeles. At first I was not convinced I’d like it, it reminded me much of back home in Miami. It’s a very busy city, with many busy people on the go. But after having spent four days there, I began to fall more and more in love with it. I spent one day in Santa Monica and Venice, and to be completely honest I think that did it. Growing up only minutes from the beach, I loved the vibe I got at Santa Monica and Venice. I was also given a very beautiful night tour by one of my close friends around West Hollywood. Not only did he take me to some mouth-watering ice cream, he led me to Paramount Pictures where he currently holds a job.

The next few days I toured around Valencia where some family of mine live. They showed me around Glendale, and Burbank which I fell head over heels for. We walked around The Americana, and even looked at apartments for my future move. My last day in LA consisted of visiting Beverly Hills, and having a couple latte’s. Although my time in LA was very short, I enjoyed it nonetheless.



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