Mother’s Day was a success. I visited one of my favorite little towns out in Florida; New Smyrna Beach. Since this is the closest beach to me, this small American town has managed to keep me sane for the last couple of months in Orlando. When I decided to go one day and explore on my own, I found a bunch of nice authentic places to eat and shop. One of my favorite coffee shops/restaurants to enjoy a nice brunch is called Third Wave Café. The first time I went I sat upstairs overlooking the boulevard and ordered an Iced Coffee with fruit. Since I enjoyed this place so much I came back for a second, third and fourth time. This time for Mother’s Day, we sat outside for brunch in the back in this very calming, nature vibe patio with hanging chairs, and lots of trees. One of my favorite must eat plates at this café was the frittata with an almond latte. I can feel my mouth water as I remember this meal. (Below you’ll see a picture of the brunch). They have amazing Gelato, and pastries as well as dinner choices. One of my other favorite places to venture at New Smyrna are the surf stores, Rip Tide and Quiet Flight are two of my favorite stores on the beach. If you know me you know I love beach attire. Living in Florida gets you to wear flip-flops and shorts all year long. What amazes me the most about this small town is not the café or the apparel stores, It’s the people. The people in this town are so welcoming and friendly. While my stay at the Best Western in New Smyrna, every single person was very friendly, they all catered to my needs. Leaving Orlando, I have to say this is one of the places I am going to miss most visiting. The one-hour drive is definitely worth it.

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