Let me introduce you to one of my favorite places visited while my stay in France. Etretat, if you’ve heard it or seen it then you know why it’s my favorite. If you haven’t, then you must. I have never visited a place more dreamy, and fascinating in my life. I wanted to enjoy the moment to the fullest but I wanted to capture tons of pictures to relive it later on. We hiked to the tiptop of the cliff, I honestly thought my legs were not going to make it, but they did and the view was so worth the burn. Everything that was slightly stressful in my life became so tiny and unimportant up in that cliff. Life stopped up there, and everything just felt so in place. I’m quite jealous of all the people that live minutes or a couple hours away from that town. Since we had some free time to enjoy the place, we went souvenir shopping and sat down for a coffee and a banana nutella crepe. We also decided to sit down at the beach and have lunch while overlooking the high cliffs. Afterwards we hopped back on the bus and made our way towards Fecamp, which is a municipal in northern France. We visited the church and the Benedict Palace. Fecamp was the #1 fishing port in France. After our tour of this town, we walked through a couple of brocante’s (vintage market). I absolutely loved everything in this market; there were so many antique artifacts from decades ago. I managed to get a couple souvenirs, because I intended to buy myself things of value while I was there instead of the local shops that we have back in the U.S. I got a postcard from many years ago, with a letter on the back. Unfortunately it is in French, and even when I asked for the translation, the ink was fading but it has a beautiful cursive writing. I also got a pure silver French Franc coin from 1850. It cost me 23 euros and its probably the most expensive souvenir I got in France but it was worth it, and plus the vendor gave me a pin as a gift. It was a reward for the soldiers back in the day whenever they did something right. I thought it was so thoughtful of him.
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