So we all know it’s impossible to go to France and not visit Paris. The last few days of my stay in France, we headed over to Paris where we stayed at Hotel Ibis Paris Place d’Italie. I just want to mention that on my way to Paris, I felt like I was in a city similar to Los Angeles. It was about a two-hour drive from Rouen. Since I was only in Paris for three days, everything had to be squeezed in, in order to have time to see everything. I got to visit the beautiful Sainte-Chapelle, which is a royal medieval Gothic church. If you’ve been to Paris and never visited Sainte-Chapelle, then you should really consider it, it will blow your mind. Notre Dame de Paris was another adventure. After climbing what I think was about 1,000 steps up and then 1,000 steps back down, we finally made it to the top. The view at Notre Dame is absolutely breathtaking, you can see every single building from up there, you can see all the people walking, the cars driving, and the best part was that the view was not interrupted by any electrical wires or satellites. In my previous post I mentioned museums, and let me just say that The Louvre was my absolute favorite museum in all of France. Of course this is one of Paris Landmarks, so anybody who is visiting must make this as part of their itinerary. Although I didn’t have a guide, they did have Audio and guided tours for those of you that are very interested in knowing the details. Another cool thing I got to do was have dinner at the Grand Mosque de Paris, that was surprisingly very interesting. My biggest accomplishment at this museum was standing face to face with the Mona Lisa. On the last day we took a trip to the Eiffel Tower before embarking in the evening cruise right by the tower. It was an amazing way to end the trip.

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