Being that I am of Cuban descent, i have had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful island of Cuba almost every single year. I’ve seen the good and bad of Cuba, and with that being said it is still my favorite place to visit. When I’m not staying in La Havana with my family, I am spending my stay at a beautiful resort in Varadero. If the crystal clear waters of Varadero don’t catch your attention, then I don’t know what will. Some hotels I’ve stayed at while in Varadero have been Tuxpan, and Blau Varadero. The beautiful town of Varadero has so much to offer, from the exquisite cuban food, to the welcoming people. IMG_3260 IMG_3198 IMG_3583 IMG_3327 IMG_3322 IMG_0119 IMG_3940 IMG_3847 IMG_3616 IMG_3621 IMG_3729 IMG_3821 IMG_3609 IMG_0289 IMG_0285 IMG_0282 IMG_3764IMG_5976 IMG_6358 IMG_6417 IMG_6168 IMG_6253 IMG_5941 IMG_6435 IMG_6215 IMG_6261 IMG_6224

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