Oh London, the city of London is thus far my favorite city I have ever visited. Not only is it such a beautiful city, but also the people were extremely kind and generous (Or maybe it was the English accent that did it for me). While in London, I stayed at this very modern, trendy, hotel called “Ace hotel Shoreditch.” Just wanted to mention that the room had vinyl records and a record player. If you’d like to experience a different type of vibe, I definitely recommend this hotel. Although I was only in London for a short time, I got to visit many of the most known sites. I.e. I passed several times by the London Bridge, which by the way was beautiful at night. In fact we had dinner right by the London Bridge at restaurant called Jamie’s Italian. Also got to see Buckingham Palace and Big Ben (Clock tower), because you can’t go to London and not see Big Ben. Everything in London is so quite different from The States. I will definitely be returning back in the near future.

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