Never thought I’d make it to Belgium, but I’m glad I did. Let me just start by mentioning that unfortunately the days we decided to explore the city of Brussels, it was raining, and being that we were only there for a short time all that we were able to see was from the car. Nonetheless, I have to say that the few areas I was able to visit in Brussels were absolutely beautiful. Let me begin by saying that my hotel was absolutely stunning, if you’re ever in Brussels I recommend the Thon Hotel. I was able to visit the Kings house which was so beautiful to stand in front of at night. We passed by St. Michel, Parliament of Brussels, Place Royal, United States embassy, Ministers house, and the Parlamentarium. I wasn’t aware but the main languages in Belgium are French and Flemish so I was happy that I was able to practice my french. We had dinner in The Sablon, which is a historic neighborhood in upper Brussels. We ate a pub which was actually very quite good called “Brussels Grill.” Also if you’re a lover of fries like my family, you can’t leave brussels without going to Maison Antoine. It is in Jourdan which according to my tour guide is where all people of Parliament and European Union go to drink and eat. There is a small hut where you will find the best french fries. Go try them! Although I had a short stay, I will definitely be coming back to explore more of Belgium.


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