I was extremely happy to have taken a trip to Switzerland while my stay in France. It was absolutely breathtaking and one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever visited, mostly for its nature. I loved every minute in this country. I spent most of my time in Lucerne on the mountainside with my friend and her family. She lived a bit far from the center, but it was worth the 30-minute drive every day. Nothing like driving by the fresh smell of pine trees. It felt like a movie. While at the centre we visited Kapellbrucke, which is a wooden bridge across the Reuss River and is one of Lucerne’s most popular attractions. One morning we visited Museggmauer, although we didn’t get to all nine towers, the view was magnificent. Right across the Reuss River (Kapellbrucke) you’ll find the Jesuit Church (Jesuitenkirche) baroque church. The interior is just as beautiful as the exterior. I spent a lot of my time by the Reuss River, seeing as you can go for a stroll alongside the river, or dine at riverfront restaurant. One of the most beautiful lakes I’ve seen in Europe thus far has to be have been Lake Lucerne (Vierwaldstattersge). I got to visit the District of Sursee, as well as the Lion Monument. You cannot and I repeat you cannot visit Switzerland and not visit Lowendenkmal. It was built to honor the Swiss guards massacred in the 1792 French Revolution. It was much bigger than I imagined. Now if you’re looking for a delicious vegan/vegetarian place to eat in Lucerne, Dean and David is the place to go. Their food was absolutely exquisite.

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