Go out and do some fun outdoor stuff! Try something new this weekend: 1.Go for a bike ride (unless you’re like me, where getting on a bike is a workout itself) 2.Yogi it outside! 3.Read a new book, or discover a new coffee shop, or both 4. Take some time to bake/cook something new! 5.Hang with your significant other, go out to a nearby beach or a new town.  

Although I already made a trip to LA a while back, this time, I got to stay for a much longer time. Which meant I had more time to explore and check out new coffee shops, new restaurants, and new sightseeing activities. This time, I went in the winter and let me just say it was pretty cold, but absolutely beautiful and worth it. We stayed in Burbank, and I was quite pleased to see how many things were nearby. LA has so much to see. Enjoy!  

1. Natural lighting is a must when it comes to essentially building a new room 2. Light neutral colors will make any space bigger, and give a sense of peacefulness 3. A pop of color is always a good thing, i.e. area rugs, pillows or throw blankets 4. Add greenery to your space – plants and flowers not only add decoration but give off great scents Here is some inspo for you simplicity lovers