I just recently got back in the hang of my workout routine, took me a while but I got it back. I downloaded a couple apps on my phone to keep me on track with how much time I was riding or biking, how many calories I was burning and how far distance I was traveling.  I wanted to share with you some of my favorites, Enjoy!


  1. I absolutely love the Runkeeper app. Just this month they initiated a 5k run challenge, and it really got me pumped to do a 5k along with all these other people who are involved with the app. You can compare your run/walk with your friends as well as receive a weekly workout. The best part is they keep you on track by giving you cool rewards after hitting top goalsunnamed.png.
  2. Another app very similar to Runkeeper is MapMyRide. If you’re into riding bikes, this app is great. You get to track the route you’re taking, as well as plugging in what your meals for the day were like. mapmyride-logo.jpg3.  Now if you’re looking for an app to guide you through workouts whether its Strength, Cardio, Yoga, or even stretching, Sworkit is the app for you. I love this app because I get to personally customize what I want to workout. Not only that but if you’re in a rush, some of these workout take about 5-10 minutes each. Everything you need for a good workout in one app.510QAa9l1+L


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