Have you ever had a sweet tooth but didn’t want to opt for something unhealthy? Just recently I was scrolling through my pinterest (what’s new) and I came across these energy balls. It seems to be the new thing, almost every vegan bakery or coffee shop in Miami is now making these balls of deliciousness. So, I decided to make them myself and let me tell you I am going crazy over them! They are so simple and inexpensive, you’ll want to make them all the time for you and your friends. Ingredients: Makes 10-12 balls. 1/2 raw cashews 1/2 dried cranberries 6-7 medjohol dates 1… View Post

Nowadays, it can be hard finding time to shop, between school, work or even parenting, shopping becomes a drag. Thankfully, online shopping is slowly becoming a thing. Below I’ve tagged a few of my latest favorites and their websites! Enjoy. Click on the images to explore!