It’s safe to say Aruba is by far my favorite island visited. Although we arrived and had to go straight to our jeep safari tour, we still saw most of Aruba. We booked jeep’s from ABC Tours and went off-roading to all of Aruba’s hidden attractions. I would totally recommend booking an excursion with them. On my excursion, we visited the Donkey Sanctuary, Ayo Rock Formation, California Lighthouse, Blackstone Beach, Twin Bridges, World Famous Baby Beach, Boca Grandi, and Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins.

Here are some fun facts I learned while on my trip:

  • Aruba is only 19 miles long
  • They speak several languages in Aruba such as Spanish, English, Portuguese, Dutch and the main one, Papiamento which is a mix of all the languages.
  • Bon Bini means Welcome
  • People are extremely friendly
  • Their currency is Florins

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