I’m all for recipes that are quick and easy to make. I’m sure most of you are too. As much as I enjoy cooking and following a new recipe, sometimes life gets in the way and you’ve gotta whip up something quick.

I love bowls. They are so efficient and you can throw anything in there. My go-to dinner ideas are salad bowls or rice bowls. You can add your choice of protein, avocado, roasted veggies, lettuce and voila dinner is ready in less than 15 minutes.

Below I’ve shared with you guys one of my many bowls, quick, easy and HEALTHY!


  1. Chop up some lettuce for your base (you can use kale or spinach).
  2. Plop some veggies in the oven. In this case, I used cauliflower and asparagus, add some olive oil, salt, and pepper and cook in the oven for a few minutes (6-9 minutes) until golden brown.
  3. Add grains or beans. I love garbanzo beans, I used a can this time, drained and soaked, but sometimes I put them in the oven topped with olive oil and roast them for some texture.
  4. Add some cucumber and shredded carrots.
  5. And my favorite part, top it off with a creamy Hass avocado.

Normally, when I’m too lazy to make my own dressing I’ll just use balsamic vinegar and olive oil but for this bowl, I used a bit of cumin and olive oil, whipped it up and poured into my salad. Gives the salad a kick and some excitement from the usual vinegar and oil.

Note: I did not have any protein thawed, but I always add broiled salmon, grilled chicken or you can even add 2 boiled eggs if you’re in a rush.

Hope you enjoyed!

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