I wish someone would’ve told me the importance of kitchen appliances in my first year of college. It would have saved me tons of money on take-out and time. Thankfully, you have me to share with you a few of my favorite appliances and why I can’t live without them.

  1. A dutch oven is good for pretty much everything. It’s so nice to throw everything in there and not have to dirty 30 pans. I love using this for a tomato basil soup or a roasted chicken.
  2. If you’re a wine enthusiast and don’t like to struggle, you’ll need an electric wine opener. This has saved my life so many times, especially because I always struggle when opening a bottle on my own.
  3. This convenient and quick Keurig has saved my life every morning. K-cups come in almost every flavor and is such an easy way to make coffee in the morning with no mess.
  4. So, I just want to say before anything that a Vitamix is ridiculously expensive for a blender. I would never have gotten one myself, but thankfully it was a gift. However, I do want to say that if you’re going to spend money on a blender and you’re always going to use it, BUY IT, investing in this machine will make your life so much easier. You can make soup, spreads, dips, smoothies, nut butter and it takes 2 minutes, unlike a regular blender where you have to hit it a couple times and you feel like the blade is going to explode. This will last you for a very long time.
  5. I’m Cuban, so this espresso machine has been in my life since I was born. I currently use 2 coffee machines. The Keurig can be a more American lighter coffee whereas the espresso machine is strong and better for a cappuccino or latte. They’re also inexpensive.

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