Since moving back to Miami, I had to commute about 35 minutes back and forth to school. I was getting so tired of my music and we all know the radio is not that great at 8AM. So, I started looking for podcasts to listen to on iTunes and Spotify to make my driving commute a bit more productive. I started listening to my favorite christian speaker, Joyce Meyer and little by little got really interested in podcasts. Now, it’s all I ever listen to. Whether I’m doing my hair or at the gym, I absolutely love them I have learned so much since I started incorporating them into my daily life.

Without further or due here are 8 of my favorite podcasts to keep you busy and learning on that long drive! Enjoy!

So money with Farnoosh Torabi

If you’re interested in everything finance, Farnoosh is your girl. She is incredibly smart and talks about everything from investing to job opportunities and answers many questions regarding finances, entrepreneurship and career.

Women Rule

Women Rule is an awesome podcast if you wish to learn more about politics, policy and how women play a role in all of it. I recently listened to an interview with Sophia Bush and I could not stop listening. They’re all equally interesting and such a good learning experience.

News in Slow French Podcast

So, if you didn’t already know I lived in France for quite some time. I love listening to language podcasts whether it’s Spanish, French or Italian. It helps me to remember as well as learn new things. News In Slow French is my favorite French podcast because the hosts speak slowly and clearly while still touching on current day news. The podcasts are also very short, they go from 3-10 minutes so you don’t lose focus.

How I Built This

This is such an inspiring podcast about innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs who started from nothing and made their way to the top. How I Built This from NPR is so motivating, I love learning about peoples mistakes along the way and the journey it took to get to where they are today.

The Goal Digger Podcast

Jenna Kutcher is such a sweet woman. She is so empowering and exciting to listen to, she speaks about her personal life as well as anything from business to marketing to starting your own brand and hosts interviews where you’ll learn about other successsful women in the industry.

Yoga Podcast

I started listening to this podcast when I first discovered podcasting since I’ve always been a yoga enthusiasts, I really enjoyed learning about it as well.  Lucas Rockwood is a yoga teacher and in his podcast he talks everything yoga and wellness. I have learned so much from Lucas and his interviewees from brain training to binge eating to life, you name it!

Joyce Meyer Audio 

My favorite podcast thus far, if you know me you know how much I love to listen to Joyce Meyer. She is an amazing speaker and christian author and I have learned so much from listening to her everyday. I recommend her podcasts on your morning commute to work or school to lift you up.

Coffee Break French

The series “Coffee Break” is amazing. If you’re new to it and are interested in learning a new language, I highly recommend downloading it. They have so many different languages to choose from. I personally switch from Spanish to French since those are my main languages. They go through phrases, grammar, story telling and so much more. Even listening to one podcast a day will help you learn a little something.




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