I’m not going to lie, it has taken me a while to find household products that actually worked and didn’t leave my hands dry and rough. I have tested out so many dish soaps and kitchen hand soaps and nothing worked, my hands just kept getting drier and drier.

I found Mrs Meyer’s when Publix starting carrying it, although it was a little pricier ($3.99) than your usual Windex and Dial soap. I have to say I am absolutely obsessed with anything Mrs Meyer’s and no matter how much more I have to pay, I will never go back to cheap household products. The products I buy are Rosemary and Honeysuckle, which contain olive oil and Aloe Vera and leaves my hands so soft. It also removes any type of oil or grease from your pots, pans and plates. I recently discovered Grove Collaborative on Pinterest when I saw they were offering free Meyers products if you ordered household products on their website. I went ahead and it did it and only paid $28 for six products including the free Meyer’s package.

I am honestly so happy with all my products, they all smell so good and get the job done without sacrificing my skin or health. I definitely suggest splurging on the Grove Co. website. Plus I’ve linked $10 for your order. Enjoy!

$10 towards your first shipment!



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