Believe it or not, pampering yourself can highly alter your mood. I’ve come to realize that simple tricks such as washing your hair can make such a change in your everyday mood. I’ve jotted down a few tricks that might help you overcome those days you feel like crap.

  •  Take a shower/bath – I don’t know about you, but I love taking a shower and washing my hair. Something about washing my hair just makes me feel so fresh and brand new. Using all my hair products is the best feeling in the world.
  • Do your nails – I usually try to do my own nails, however, sometimes they get out of control and there’s nothing I can do to salvage them. Plus, the best part of getting a mani/pedi is the massage, so get them done, treat yourself.
  • Clean/pick up – I usually feel overwhelmed and cranky when my apartment is a mess. I’m extremely clean and organized, so I can’t stand clutter and an unclean home. Picking up the kitchen or making the bed will instantly make your mood a whole lot better.
  • Exercise – We’ve heard it a million times how exercise improves your mood and it’s 100% correct. You don’t even have to do 2 hours of high intensity training, going for a short walk or a bike ride will lighten up your mood. I suggest trying downward dog, yoga is my number 1 go to when I just need to relax or I feel out of place and stressed. Getting upside down allows the blood to flow to your head so close your eyes, turn on some James Bay and just flow. My favorite yoga channel to follow is Boho Beautiful, her videos are so comforting and relaxing.
  • Eat healthy – Again, I know we’ve heard this a gazillion times but eating healthy even if it’s just one healthy meal will make you feel a lot less shitty. My trick to altering my mood is often to have greens, I love a green smoothie or juice in the morning or a kale salad for lunch. Any small adjustment can make a huge impact on how you feel for the rest of the day or week.
  • Cross things on your to-do list – Believe it or not, I get a sense of anxiety when I know I have a million things pending and they’re floating all over the place in my head. I’ll make a a list with everything that’s pending and start completing all the tasks, later crossing them off my to-do list. Getting everything done makes going to bed a little easier.

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