I’ve always been curious about health and wellness. I read medicine books, listen to podcasts about nutrition and now in this digital era we have all the health and wellness information we can get on social media. I’ve used Instagram as a way to get food recipes, workout ideas, nutrition facts, just about anything related to health. Lately, I’ve been on a huge nutrition kick due to health issues. For those of you who don’t know I’ll give you a quick overview.

While I was in college I was vegan, which lasted about 3 years. I found myself very healthy at the time, I was constantly doing yoga, eating plant based foods, going on regular runs. I guess I didn’t have much stress in my life other than school. Once I moved away to France, that all completely changed. I started eating fish, dairy, barely exercising other than walking. Although the food in France is very fresh, my body didn’t adapt well to the change,  I started breaking out a bit and I gained weight (which was normal considering the French eat a lot bread and fromage). When I moved to Miami, I suffered with serious stomach pains for about 7 months. It was a constant struggle to use the bathroom (sorry for the TMI), I had lower abdominal pain all the time, everything I ate bloated me, it was a terrible time. For those of you who don’t know, your gut is extremely connected to your mind, so I had headaches all the time, I was moody and stressed. The weird part was I was eating very healthy, I had gone back to doing yoga and running, so I couldn’t understand the problem. One day, I decided I was going to do an allergy test so I tried the Pinnertest. I am so thankful I did this, I found out I was highly allergic to egg yolks and egg whites. That explained so much since I ate eggs non stop EVERY SINGLE DAY, I basically grew up eating boiled eggs for breakfast. Once I stopped eating anything with eggs (which was the hardest thing I could do) my stomach started healing itself little by little. At first it was incredibly hard because eggs are in pretty much everything; pasta, cookies, sauces, condiments, baked goods EVEN FLU SHOTS have egg protein! I guess it was a blessing in disguise to keep me away from all that junk.

Fast forward to last summer, I decided to introduce chicken to my diet after cutting out eggs. My body was craving the chicken so I listened to it and let it have it. There are days where I wish I would’ve never stopped being a vegan. To be completely honest, my face breaks out all the time now and something tells me it has to do with my diet. Back in my vegan days I didn’t allow myself to eat pizza with regular cheese, I had no dairy (not even Greek yogurt like I do now), I was eating greens, grains and fruits and believe it or not this played a huge role in my skin, hair, nails, perhaps even my stress levels.

So to conclude this post, I wanted to share with you my top 6 favorite health and wellness Instagrams/blogs to keep you healthy and sane every day.

  1. Melissa Wood Health – Melissa is such an inspiration. She is a model turned health coach and has such a vibrant soul. If you follow her, you’ll notice she lives her life on three M’s, Meditation, Mindful Eating and Movement. Trust me you’ll want to follow her. She’s also got an awesome workout app for those of you interested in a low intensity, toning workout.
  2. Jessica Olie – I followed Jessica years ago when I was on a huge yoga phase. She was so motivating and really helped me learn new poses. Through her Instagram, she journals about health and mental issues she battles with and I will say we can all learn a little something from her.
  3. W3Livehealthy – W3livehealthy by Lindsey and Ashley is such a fun Instagram to follow. They have awesome recipes, health tips and workouts. They’re also beautiful and in such great shape, it’ll definitely motivate you to get off the couch and on your way to the gym.
  4. Balance with B – I found Blair’s Instagram last summer when I was looking for more yoga tips and healthy plant based food recipes. I am so glad I follow her, she writes on her blog about her gut problems (which I can relate to), she makes delicious bowls and her yoga technique is great (She’s also a yoga instructor).
  5. Dr Mona Vand – Dr Mona is a pharmacists. She is also vegan and I’ve learned so much just watching her Instagram stories. She answers and guides you on all things health, wellness and even beauty. You don’t need to be vegan to learn from Dr Mona, she advises on all health issues.
  6. Tone it up – So, I went through a huge TIP phase last month. I love their blog, they’re such fun, inspiring women. I did the 5 Day Detox right after Christmas to help me get back on track with my food and exercise. Their blog and Pinterest is full of fun recipes and I seriously mean fun not boring meals as well lifestyle and wellness posts. I promise you’ll love it!

Hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any favorite health and wellness blogs you love to follow, comment below!

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