It’s no doubt that moving is stressful, but finding a new place to call home and decorating is always fun to do. Since moving to our new apartment, it’s taken me quite some time to find furniture and decorations. This is my fourth apartment and my first official apartment where it’s completely unfurnished.

I’ve always considered myself a pretty good home decorator, I love everything interior design so I’m always looking for new trends and design ideas.

With our new apartment we had a few struggles, so I wanted to share with you some our challenges as well as tips to help you make moving into a new apartment a little better:

  1. We don’t like online shopping for big furniture pieces so finding inexpensive but quality items was hard. We bought a beautiful coffee table on Article for the living room as you’ll see pictured below. I probably should’ve read the measurements because once it was built it looked tiny in our living room, so I decided to get a little crafty and add the matching end table to the outside of it to make it look like a nested coffee table and give it a much bigger look.
  2. We realized we have very expensive taste so we settled for West Elm and Baers on big items such as the bed, TV console, dining table and sofa. As far as decorations, I’ve shopped between Target, Home Goods, The Container Store and World Market.
  3. Look for sales and discounts! I’m not kidding this is going to be the best money saver thing you do in your life. We went to more than 15 furniture stores but everything was incredibly expensive, finally we decided to settle on West Elm and luckily we bought right after Christmas when their big holiday sale was going on. We managed the get the TV Console, the sofa and the headboard all on sale, it was 25% off each item.
  4. Coordinating textures and colors has been hard. Because our apartment is only 790 sq ft, there is no division between the kitchen and living room. When we bought our dining table it was a dark wood. Our living room furniture was a walnut wood so it took some serious thinking with the types of wood we wanted to buy. It’s okay not to make everything so matchy matchy, using different elements allows each room to have its own look and feel.
  5. Simple decorations such as frames, candles, pillows and curtains have been the most challenging. Who knew those little things could really change the perspective of an entire room. I don’t even want to begin to explain how frustrating finding a rug was. I guess the reality is that having too many options can be overwhelming and let me just give you a quick tip about rugs. Start saving because they are expensive. My bedroom 5*7 rug was about $170 and my living room 5*8 was $270! I mean c’mon for a rug? There goes $440 just on rugs, yay.
  6. We definitely took our time, I’m a very impulsive person but this time I decided to take it slow and plan accordingly. We bought when we were ready and when we found something we truly loved.
  7. Always do your research. Quick example, I was dying for a gallery wall which I saw at West Elm for my entry way. The frames varied up to $109, I looked online and found the exact same frames on Amazon for $40. Might not look as expensive as West Elm but my entry way wall looks great and the frames get the job done, so do your research.
  8. It’s going to take some time for your apartment to feel like an actual home. That cozy, warm feeling won’t be there right away, at least it wasn’t for me. When we first moved into the apartment we sat on beach chairs in the living room and had boxes holding up our TV. Give it time, and just enjoy the process!

Share some of your tips and tricks, I would love to hear them!



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