From the moment I moved into my own apartment, I’ve been trying to master the art of a cleaning routine. Back in college I lived alone and I’m the type of person that uses something and puts it back right way so there was never a mess to clean up.

However, now I live with my boyfriend and although he is great at picking up after himself, life gets in the way and sometimes we just have to put it down wherever and run out the door. This can be incredibly painful for me, just to give you a quick overview at what a neat freak I am. I can’t go to bed unless all the blankets in the living room are folded and stored in the basket, I can’t leave or go to bed if there are dishes in the sink, I also make my bed every day, regardless if it’s in the morning or right before bed I HAVE TO MAKE IT, I don’t set a plate or cup down without a coaster EVER, my entryway has to be clutter free before I go to bed. I’m sure I’m not the only one who goes through this but it was the way my parents raised me and so living with another person who is not as crazy as you about clutter and organization is hard.

So, to save my self some time and avoid spending my weekend cleaning and organizing I try to make a schedule. This schedule works for me because on the weekends I like to sit back and do absolutely nothing. As an adult, weekends are usually spent catching up on things you didn’t do during the week but next thing you know you’ve spent your entire Saturday doing laundry and your entire Sunday cleaning the floors and your weekend is gone.

I said no more to this. Now I extent my work days a little more during the week. Here’s how:


  • Monday, Wednesday & Friday – Dry rag, if you use Swiffer’s dry rag I suggest doing it every other day to avoid it caking up and making it difficult to clean your floors
  • Thursday – Laundry day, this avoids me having to fold and put away all the clothes on the weekend
  • Friday or Saturday morning – If I’m too tired or don’t have time Friday night to mop my floors, I’ll get it over with Saturday morning after my workout. I’ll vacuum and pass the dry rag on Friday, so Saturday morning all that is left is mopping.


This schedule might sound daunting for the weekdays but I promise you just extending your weeknight a little longer has made my weekends so much more enjoyable. I typically get home around 6 from work so I give myself an hour to do whatever I need to do. Plus it’s not like you sit there waiting for the laundry to finish, I pop it in quickly and go on with my life.

Everyone is different but I wish someone would’ve told me all these years that getting the tedious things done right away would make life so much better.


  1. March 16, 2018 / 11:20 am

    I love this idea! I think this is such an easy way to chunk cleaning. Such a helpful post! I am moving to my own apartment in the summer and now this gives me a guideline.

    • Jennifer
      March 16, 2018 / 1:12 pm

      Yay, so happy for you! I promise it’ll save you so much stress. It’s so much easier to relax on the weekends knowing you don’t have to clean haha

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