Well, I finally myself to order a lightweight quilt for Spring/Summer. Up until last week I was dying of heat with an ultra thick duvet cover. When we moved into our apartment I purchased a simple white duvet cover and covered it with a grey Kenneth Cole sheet I bought from Bed Bath and Beyond. I absolutely loved it since the weather was a bit cooler. However, because I live in Miami, it is hot all year round so this lightweight quilt is perfect for any season.

I purchased the Brooklinen Lightweight Quilt and it’s been a month using it already. I absolutely love it! The pattern is very subtle but the black dots still stand out perfectly. It’s incredibly soft and doesn’t make me hot in the middle of the night. I’m so happy with my purchase.

My favorite part about receiving the quilt was the packaging. It came in this very cool pillowcase handbag (which I use all the time). It also came with Brooklinen stickers and a magazine on how to care for your sheets, towels, and linens.

Great quality and great marketing on behalf of Brooklinen.

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