One of the best things about moving apartments……

is getting rid of stuff that I never use, don’t need and should’ve never bought in the first place. I am the complete opposite of a hoarder and if I could throw or donate everything I totally would. Clutter makes me anxious. I’m one of those people that can’t stand to see hanging clothes bunched up because you keep buying more clothes but you don’t have enough closet space for or piling up your shoes because you just needed that second pair of shoes that was half off. I have been like this all my life, even when I was young I would purge almost weekly. Being a minimalist is one of the things I strive for these days

As I get older, I’ve become more of an intuitive shopper. I will add items to my cart, leave them there for a few days and then realize I don’t actually need the items. I also rarely shop unless I absolutely need it. For example, we recently moved into a new apartment and by recently I mean in December. I’ve slowly taken my time to shop for home decor and furniture and not because I wanted to but just due to a lack of time. One of the main things I’ve tried to shop for but have put off are nightstands and to be completely honest I’m okay with that because I’ realize that I don’t actually NEED them. Aside from placing my phone on the nightstand, I don’t use it for anything else. In fact, I’m actually saving myself from the mess that most nightstand drawers come to be after months of shoving things in there.

I’ve never been a materialistic person but as I get older I think more about what is important to me and what I prefer to spend my money on, nightstands are not of them.

There are so many other things to spend your money on that you will truly enjoy more than your nightstands

  1. Travel/Roadtrips– I’m a big fan of staycations
  2. Food – Either going out to eat or buying a ton of ingredients to make a new dish at home
  3. Adventures – I love Groupon, I purchase paddleboarding tickets almost every weekend
  4. Self-care – There is nothing better than getting your hair or nails done, no matter how much you want to save money, having someone else do it for you takes the job out of it. Massages are also great.
  5. Fitness – I am all for trying new classes and most gyms offer first free class

Last but not least

One of the things I least enjoy about stuff is the work it brings. You never realize how annoying things are until you have to vacuum and clean your apartment and you have to move a thousand things out of the way. Another reason why I don’t care for nightstands or useless furniture pieces. Having less helps me have more clarity, it makes me feel light and free.

Do you like getting rid of stuff often or do you hold on to things? Are you more of a hoarder or minimalist? 

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  1. October 30, 2018 / 2:45 pm

    I literally try to not buy things but I always end up buying it anyway! I am currently living in a small apartment that I have too much stuff for! I need to learn from you!

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