It wasn’t on my list for my new year goals, but we took the risk and I’m so happy we did because I love this city. If you knew me from a young age you probably knew that moving to California was my life long dream. 

Fast forward to a couple years, here I am in San Francisco living out my childhood dream. San Francisco has been everything I expected and more. I could ramble on all day about how much I love this city and why, but I’ll just cut to the chase.

  1. People are honestly so friendly here. It could just be me but every single day I make a new friend, people ACTUALLY smile at you here. Coming from Miami, this is a rare thing.
  2. I love being able to walk everywhere because it’s not 100 degrees. I walk everywhere even if it takes me an hour, sometimes it’s a bit to cold for me but still a comfortable feeling.
  3. There are so many places to eat, I mean you can’t go wrong with the food here. Everything from Ethiopian to Peruvian to Thai, it’s amazing all the variety.
  4. There is so much to do here, you will never be bored. I’ve been here for a week now and I’m so excited about all the new restaurants, outdoor hiking and exploring I have to do.
  5. NOT having a car is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I’ll be honest, I loved having a car because of the convenience but since moving to SF I’ve felt my stress level and anxiety decline immensely. Traffic isn’t as bad as in Miami but being able to Uber everywhere has made life so much easier. Side note: Sign up for a clipper card to take public transportation, it’s only $2.75 for the bus where an Uber might cost anywhere between $5-$10 depending on the time.
  6. Everyone GRINDS! The city is known for it’s technology and finance industry, it just seems like everyone works hard and long in SF and I love it. It’s motivating and encouraging, people are hungry for success and I really love being around that kind of energy.

If you’ve been to San Francisco, what do you love/hate about the city?


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