For Christmas last month I asked for a ton of books including plant-based cookbooks. I felt a huge growth is my cooking skills last year and I just felt this immense excitement to learn more. I’ve become quite obsessed in fact with learning about nutrition and cooking techniques. This year in my efforts to reduce my eating out and spending habits I decided that I will be cooking a lot more at home. We only go out to eat Friday-Sunday for lunch/dinner but 3 days add up, so we’re going to tone it back a bit and start hosting more dinners at home.

I will usually cook different meals throughout the week as my fiancee is not plant-based, however, he does enjoy a lot of my vegan meals but I also like to make sure I am fair to his needs and what he enjoys eating.

Below are some awesome plant-based books I received and I couldn’t recommend them enough.

The Plantpower Way: Italia

Thug Kitchen (Lot’s of swearing in this book, but it’s quite funny)

The First Mess

Deliciously Ella (My first vegan cookbook and my all time favorite)

Here are a few recipes I’ve made in the past couple of weeks:

I’m so excited to test out new recipes for the months to come, it’s so easy to be inspired when you have recipe galore on Pinterest and Youtube!

Recipes are welcomed in the comment box!

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