Sometimes we get stuck in a routine, which is completely natural. If you’re like me juggling with school, internship, boyfriend, and social life, life can get a little rushed and… View Post

Keeping your expenses in order as a college student can be quite difficult. The everyday latte habit, a couple of beers for happy hour, and quick fast food drive-thru begin… View Post

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Hooray It’s Apirl, new month, new goals! This week I started the month with a new book, “When Breath Becomes Air.” This is a must read, not only have I… View Post

Hope you all had an amazing weekend, here’s to a brand new week! Let’s make it a good one!

Go out and do some fun outdoor stuff! Try something new this weekend: 1.Go for a bike ride (unless you’re like me, where getting on a bike is a workout… View Post