I have been to Dominican Republic countless times, and I have never once gotten tired of visiting this island. I absolutely love this getaway. Previous times I have stayed in Punta Cana but as of recently I have been staying at La Romana. Both of which are incredible. I love the beach, the ambiance, the people, and the food. If you ever want a summer tropical getaway, DR is definitely the place.

Although I already made a trip to LA a while back, this time, I got to stay for a much longer time. Which meant I had more time to explore and check out new coffee shops, new restaurants, and new sightseeing activities. This time, I went in the winter and let me just say it was pretty cold, but absolutely beautiful and worth it. We stayed in Burbank, and I was quite pleased to see how many things were nearby. LA has so much to see. Enjoy!  

I was extremely happy to have taken a trip to Switzerland while my stay in France. It was absolutely breathtaking and one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever visited, mostly for its nature. I loved every minute in this country. I spent most of my time in Lucerne on the mountainside with my friend and her family. She lived a bit far from the center, but it was worth the 30-minute drive every day. Nothing like driving by the fresh smell of pine trees. It felt like a movie. While at the centre we visited Kapellbrucke, which is a wooden bridge across the Reuss River… View Post