It wasn’t on my list for my new year goals, but we took the risk and I’m so happy we did because I love this city. If you knew me from a young age you probably knew that moving to California was my life long dream.  Fast forward to a couple years, here I am in San Francisco living out my childhood dream. San Francisco has been everything I expected and more. I could ramble on all day about how much I love this city and why, but I’ll just cut to the chase. People are honestly so friendly here. It could just be me… View Post


Although I already made a trip to LA a while back, this time, I got to stay for a much longer time. Which meant I had more time to explore and check out new coffee shops, new restaurants, and new sightseeing activities. This time, I went in the winter and let me just say it was pretty cold, but absolutely beautiful and worth it. We stayed in Burbank, and I was quite pleased to see how many things were nearby. LA has so much to see. Enjoy!  


I was extremely happy to have taken a trip to Switzerland while my stay in France. It was absolutely breathtaking and one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever visited, mostly for its nature. I loved every minute in this country. I spent most of my time in Lucerne on the mountainside with my friend and her family. She lived a bit far from the center, but it was worth the 30-minute drive every day. Nothing like driving by the fresh smell of pine trees. It felt like a movie. While at the centre we visited Kapellbrucke, which is a wooden bridge across the Reuss River… View Post


Never thought I’d make it to Belgium, but I’m glad I did. Let me just start by mentioning that unfortunately the days we decided to explore the city of Brussels, it was raining, and being that we were only there for a short time all that we were able to see was from the car. Nonetheless, I have to say that the few areas I was able to visit in Brussels were absolutely beautiful. Let me begin by saying that my hotel was absolutely stunning, if you’re ever in Brussels I recommend the Thon Hotel. I was able to visit the Kings house which was so… View Post


New York City is one of those must go travel destinations. While In New York I stayed at the Hotel Pennsylvania right across from Madison Square Garden. Although this hotel had a perfect location, I did not enjoy it. It is a quick stop and go hotel if you’re planning on staying there for no more than 3 days. Aside from that, most of the time I got to enjoy the beautiful city of New York and all it’s wonderful attractions. I visited the Empire State Building, which actually took a lot of flight of stairs to get to the top. But let me just… View Post


So we all know it’s impossible to go to France and not visit Paris. The last few days of my stay in France, we headed over to Paris where we stayed at Hotel Ibis Paris Place d’Italie. I just want to mention that on my way to Paris, I felt like I was in a city similar to Los Angeles. It was about a two-hour drive from Rouen. Since I was only in Paris for three days, everything had to be squeezed in, in order to have time to see everything. I got to visit the beautiful Sainte-Chapelle, which is a royal medieval Gothic church.… View Post


Let me introduce you to one of my favorite places visited while my stay in France. Etretat, if you’ve heard it or seen it then you know why it’s my favorite. If you haven’t, then you must. I have never visited a place more dreamy, and fascinating in my life. I wanted to enjoy the moment to the fullest but I wanted to capture tons of pictures to relive it later on. We hiked to the tiptop of the cliff, I honestly thought my legs were not going to make it, but they did and the view was so worth the burn. Everything that was… View Post


Mother’s Day was a success. I visited one of my favorite little towns out in Florida; New Smyrna Beach. Since this is the closest beach to me, this small American town has managed to keep me sane for the last couple of months in Orlando. When I decided to go one day and explore on my own, I found a bunch of nice authentic places to eat and shop. One of my favorite coffee shops/restaurants to enjoy a nice brunch is called Third Wave Café. The first time I went I sat upstairs overlooking the boulevard and ordered an Iced Coffee with fruit. Since I enjoyed… View Post


I recently took a trip to Los Angeles. At first I was not convinced I’d like it, it reminded me much of back home in Miami. It’s a very busy city, with many busy people on the go. But after having spent four days there, I began to fall more and more in love with it. I spent one day in Santa Monica and Venice, and to be completely honest I think that did it. Growing up only minutes from the beach, I loved the vibe I got at Santa Monica and Venice. I was also given a very beautiful night tour by one of my… View Post