Since moving back to Miami, I had to commute about 35 minutes back and forth to school. I was getting so tired of my music and we all know the radio is not that great at 8AM. So, I started looking for podcasts to listen to on iTunes and Spotify to make my driving commute a bit more productive. I started listening to my favorite christian speaker, Joyce Meyer and little by little got really interested in podcasts. Now, it’s all I ever listen to. Whether I’m doing my hair or at the gym, I absolutely love them I have learned so much since I… View Post

Two years ago, I took a semester off from school and decided I wanted to study abroad. It was the quickest process I’d ever been through. I decided, called, applied, boarded plane, arrived. Seriously so simple, I didn’t want to lose time thinking about whether or not It was a good idea. And I’m so glad I didn’t. I’ve never looked back. Studying abroad was the best decision I’d made in my time in college. Over the summer I had attended a two-week study abroad to Paris for culinary school. While my time there, I had a host family in which I became incredibly close… View Post

Never thought I’d make it to Belgium, but I’m glad I did. Let me just start by mentioning that unfortunately the days we decided to explore the city of Brussels, it was raining, and being that we were only there for a short time all that we were able to see was from the car. Nonetheless, I have to say that the few areas I was able to visit in Brussels were absolutely beautiful. Let me begin by saying that my hotel was absolutely stunning, if you’re ever in Brussels I recommend the Thon Hotel. I was able to visit the Kings house which was so… View Post