From the moment I moved into my own apartment, I’ve been trying to master the art of a cleaning routine. Back in college I lived alone and I’m the type of person that uses something and puts it back right way so there was never a mess to clean up. However, now I live with my boyfriend and although he is great at picking up after himself, life gets in the way and sometimes we just have to put it down wherever and run out the door. This can be incredibly painful for me, just to give you a quick overview at what a neat… View Post

New month means new goodies! Who doesn’t love the feeling of fresh flowers, a brand new journal, and ocean scent? For some reason I am completely obsessed with journals and notebooks (aren’t you guys?), I have tons of them and some I’ve never even opened. The same goes for candles. My apartment is filled with different scents but I always find myself buying a new candle before I’ve finished the other six at home. I just recently got this new one, Sensational Natural Soy Candle, and it honestly smells just like the beach. I am in love with it. FYI, I got all these goodies from Marshalls, can… View Post