New month means new goodies! Who doesn’t love the feeling of fresh flowers, a brand new journal, and ocean scent? For some reason I am completely obsessed with journals and notebooks (aren’t you guys?), I have tons of them and some I’ve never even opened. The same goes for candles. My apartment is filled with different scents but I always find myself buying a new candle before I’ve finished the other six at home. I just recently got this new one, Sensational Natural Soy Candle, and it honestly smells just like the beach. I am in love with it. FYI, I got all these goodies from Marshalls, can… View Post


I just recently got back in the hang of my workout routine, took me a while but I got it back. I downloaded a couple apps on my phone to keep me on track with how much time I was riding or biking, how many calories I was burning and how far distance I was traveling.  I wanted to share with you some of my favorites, Enjoy!   I absolutely love the Runkeeper app. Just this month they initiated a 5k run challenge, and it really got me pumped to do a 5k along with all these other people who are involved with the app.… View Post