Fun fact, I’m a huge breakfast person. I cannot, CANNOT start my day if I haven’t had breakfast, I can’t even have lunch if I haven’t had breakfast. I could also eat breakfast food all day, every day. Not too long ago I found out I was allergic to eggs (gasp, I know). So, I’ve had to find alternatives for breakfast, which is not hard but I’m always in a rush so I need something quick and easy. Below I have shared with you guys my ultimate breakfast, I eat this every single day. Also, I’m a HUGE peanut butter fan. Healthy fats in the… View Post

Smoothies have become an essential drink to our everyday lives. Whether it’s drank for breakfast to start the day off on the right foot, or after a workout, smoothies are perfect for a healthy yet filling morning. For breakfast I usually go for heavier ingredients so to sustain me for a busy day. This is also my favorite smoothie by far, I look forward to my mornings because of this smoothie and it’s so easy to make! Take a look: Ingredients: Frozen Bananas (or you can use regular banana and just add ice to make it thick) A handful of spinach (the more spinach the better,… View Post