Two years ago, I took a semester off from school and decided I wanted to study abroad. It was the quickest process I’d ever been through. I decided, called, applied, boarded plane, arrived. Seriously so simple, I didn’t want to lose time thinking about whether or not It was a good idea. And I’m so glad I didn’t. I’ve never looked back. Studying abroad was the best decision I’d made in my time in college. Over the summer I had attended a two-week study abroad to Paris for culinary school. While my time there, I had a host family in which I became incredibly close… View Post

One of my favorite little towns I got to visit while in France was Veules-les-Roses. It’s located in Northern France, Upper Normandy. This cute town offers a variety of scenic views, with many ponds, and rivers along the way. It is known for the artists who come here and paint. As you walk through this village you can smell the fresh bread being baked, crepes being made, and fresh coffee. Veules-les-Roses feels like a vacation town, people come here to relax, ride their bike and enjoy the beach, of course when it’s not 30 degrees. Also if you’re located in Rouen, it’s only about a… View Post

While my stay in France, one of the places we got to visit in both Rouen and Paris were Museums. In Rouen, one of the days consisted of visiting the Musee des Beaux Arts. I for one never include museums as part of my trips when I travel, but this time I’m glad we did. What I enjoyed most about this museum is that every room had a different artistic style, which really allowed me to get a deep understanding of the arts. The first room we entered was the sculptures. I was completely shocked at how beautiful and large these sculptures are in person.… View Post