Moving to San Francisco has really inspired me to minimize my consumption of junk and wasteful products. I wrote a blog post about Ridding your life of stuff earlier this year which ties really well into this post. I love that this city cares so much about recycling, composting and being eco friendly. It’s been a huge eye opener to me and lately I’ve been doing so much research on sustainability, eco friendly products and ways to minimize waste. I’m not perfect so I will not feel guilt for forgetting to take my grocery bags to the store one time but I will start making… View Post


It wasn’t on my list for my new year goals, but we took the risk and I’m so happy we did because I love this city. If you knew me from a young age you probably knew that moving to California was my life long dream.  Fast forward to a couple years, here I am in San Francisco living out my childhood dream. San Francisco has been everything I expected and more. I could ramble on all day about how much I love this city and why, but I’ll just cut to the chase. People are honestly so friendly here. It could just be me… View Post


My trip to San Francisco was my all time favorite. I’ve never been to a city I enjoyed more than the city of San Francisco. Last year I took two trips to the bay, and on the first visit I absolutely fell in love with it from the start. Stepping foot into the airport I already knew I was going to love it. I loved the one-hour drive through the mountains on a chilly day to my friends apartment in Colma. The best part of visiting San Francisco the first time was being able to see things as a resident of the city, not as… View Post